• Sophie Turner

Gecko or not Gecko?

You may have seen my recent Elephant stop motion video that I completed last month.

Well, this month I drew a Gecko!

Gecko has been more difficult than Elephant. I have drawn & painted Elephant multiple times and I know the face, shading, tones very well. Whereas this is the first time I have drawn Gecko. The dots started off very architecturally to get his shape, and then it became more and more organic as each layer adds more texture.

I found it quite hard to know when to stop with Gecko, I could have added more and more layers, but there comes a time when I have to say, it's done and that time is when I can see the character expressed in my animal. So, he's cute Gecko!

And now onto another pointilism journey - I might be dotty, but I'm going for a familiar design again - a mandala...sneak peak here:

Visit my pages again to see how this one turns out! You can see my handcrafted products at www.sophieturnerart.com, my designs on apparel and homewares at Redbubble and I'm on Facebook and Instagram.

Sending you all kind thoughts, Sophie. :-)

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